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Pastor Aaron Thompson was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He did not grow up in a Christian home but was exposed to various religious beliefs. At the age of 25 a soulwinner showed Pastor Thompson the Gospel from the King James Bible and he called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and was saved.  Pastor Thompson attended various Baptist churches after getting saved until 2016 when he was asked to be the leader of the Vancouver, WA satellite ministry of Verity Baptist Church. He served as the satellite leader faithfully and was ordained by Pastor Roger Jimenez as the Pastor of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in July of 2018. Pastor Thompson is married to his wife, Sherry, and they have four Children (Remy, Nia, Jassamayn, and Josh) and five grand-children. Pastor Thompson lives in Vancouver, Washington.


Brother Win Fisher was born in Northern California and grew up there the majority of his life. He was raised in an atheist/agnostic family but remembers being drawn by God throughout his life. After graduating from University, he married his wife, Queenie, in 2004 and they started attending churches together. Shortly after the birth of their only son, Kingsley, they immigrated to Canada. Brother Win and his family were saved in 2013 and continued to attend various non-denominational and community churches in Greater Vancouver until 2016/2017 when they were convinced by preaching to seek a King James Only, IFB, soul-winning church. Various opportunities and trials in 2018 led Brother Win to Pastor Thompson, and in September of 2018 Pastor Thompson decided to plant a church in BC, Canada and place Brother Win as the church plant leader. Pastor Thompson ordained Brother Win as Evangelist in September 2019. Brother Win leads the day-to-day operations at SFBCN.

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