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SFBCN is, among other things, independent, fundamental, and Baptist. We are a Pastor led church and do not belong to a denomination. Evangelist Win Fisher is responsible for the operation of SFBCN, including the majority of the preaching, under the authority and oversight of Pastor Thompson provided from Vancouver, Washington. We only use the King James Version Bible and believe that every word of it is truth (if you are not sure which Bible to use watch 'NWO Bible Versions' on our 'Documentaries' page). If you speak another language there may be an equivalent Bible for you, but we speak English so we use the KJB.

At SFBCN we don't sing contemporary Christian music, have purple lights, smoke machines, drum sets, electric guitars, or plexiglass pulpits. We never sell anything or charge for anything in church and we stand strongly opposed to works based salvation and ecumenicalism.

A typical service lasts about 90 minutes and consists of two hymns, announcements, two more hymns, an offering, one chapter of Bible reading, 45-60 minutes of preaching, and one last hymn. We use lots of Bible in our sermons and endeavor to preach the whole counsel of God. Over time you will hear positive messages, negative messages, messages that make you think, messages that make you strong, and messages that convict you to make changes in your life. The goal of SFBCN is that you come one way and leave changed.

We don't have Sunday school or a children's ministry. Our church is family integrated, meaning that children are encouraged and expected to be in service with their parents because that is the safest place for children (with their parents at all times) and because children need strong preaching as much as adults do. Understandably some children have difficulty sitting through services so we have a mother/baby room for use at all times (and long suffering toward noises and fussing).

Besides three weekly preaching services, our main ministry is soul winning (what some churches might call 'outreach'). Twice per week we go out into our community two-by-two to preach the Gospel. We knock on the doors of people's homes, stop pedestrians in the street, and approach people in public places to ask them if they know for sure if they died today that they would go to heaven. Why? Because Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Because believers have the responsibility of reconciling the lost with God. Because soul winning works.
We lead people to the Lord nearly every week. It's not always easy work, but it is always rewarding. If you are new to soul winning, that's fine, we were all new soul winners once. At SFBCN we train new soul winners regularly. If you want to get started, watch Pastor Thompson's Bible Way to Heaven Video, take the Verity Baptist Church Soul Winning Seminar, and come join us for service or contact us about soul winning locations. You may also be interested in our soul winning resources.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Brother Win
March 18, 2021

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